Volunteering in Kenya.

Situated on the East African coast, Kenya is where Volunteers all started and remains our most popular destination by far. The people are amongst the friendliest in the world and volunteering here will guarantee you a cultural experience to remember. From the chance to spot the big 5 on the plains of the Maasai Mara, to experiencing the Maasai markets, making lifelong friends and meaningfully contributing to your placement, we can assure you this will be a life-changing trip. We run extensive programs in teaching, orphanage work, HIV / AIDS work, sports education and medical. We also run large numbers of extra activities within Kenya to provide the full volunteering experience. These include; trips to IDP camps, city tours (both included in price), safaris, beach getaways and much more. Being our most established destination, Kenyan programs also benefit from being the cheapest on offer with Kenya tour budget safari.

With plenty of planned tours on offer, you’re never short of activities to make the most of your free time when volunteering in Kenya. With volunteer program fees starting from $95 per day you will not find a more affordable and trustworthy volunteer travel organization.

Work with Children

There is always a high demand for volunteers who want to work with children in Kenya. Due to Kenya’s lackluster education system, there is an urgent need for volunteers who can assist teachers in teaching children in public schools, community schools, and orphanages. Since there are many orphanages in Kenya with underprivileged children, there are many opportunities to work with them. Tasks in orphanages include taking care of children, administration, and daily chores.


Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS is very prevalent in Kenya. Over 6.3% of the population is affected, and 1.5 million children are orphans due to the deadly disease. As a volunteer, you will be working in various communities, actively working to spread AIDS awareness. You will also be caring for infected patients and educating the public.

Medical Work

Due to poor health facilities in Kenya, there is a need for medical volunteers. As a medical volunteer, you will be placed in a hospital or dispensary, and will assist doctors and nurses with their work. Skilled and experienced health care volunteers are especially helpful.

Slum Tour and Feeding Program

Take part in assisting impoverished communities within Kibera Slum, the second largest urban slum in Africa, and visit members of the community who have established income-generating projects, such as woodwork, sewing and jewelry making. The program focuses on providing much-needed food and nutrition to impoverished families living in the slum. The Kibera Tour takes place twice a week and is arranged with the local staff during your stay in Kenya.

Volunteer in assisting human-wildlife conflict projects

During your volunteer placement in Kenya, you will work directly with people from different communities on the Wildlife Research and Conservation project. You will conduct valuable research into the wildlife and you’ll work with local children to encourage passion and engagement with the local wildlife and environment.Through your community and conservation work in Kenya, you’ll balance the interests of humans and animals and have a positive, sustainable impact.

Elderly home visiting

Visiting older people is fantastic way to build a relationship that makes the older person feels less lonely and more socially connected. Volunteers can participate in three different ways: Visit a person in an Aged Care facility, Visit a person in their own home and Visit two or more people in a group setting at an Aged Care facility. Home Visiting is a befriending service for isolated and vulnerable people which offers regular visits by the volunteer to the older person’s home or shared activities outside the home and aims to reduce isolation, build confidence and resilience and maintain or increase activity and engagement. The older people may be isolated because of health, disability, bereavement or simply living alone.  Their families may live some distance away or may be out at work throughout the week.  Physical frailty, whether temporary or not, may mean that the person can no longer go out alone to see friends or access the things they enjoy.  A loss of confidence may prevent them from going out and staying in may mean that solitude is not a choice.  Research shows that loneliness has a direct relationship to health problems, both physical and mental and the provision of a relationship based on trust, respect, shared activities and fun can alleviate the loneliness which some older people experience.

cost per person 665usd per week

price includes;

Transport to and from work where required

All Meals and Accommodation

transfers to and from the airport

materials and resources required in the country for your project

Prices excludes;

Flights and visas

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